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Wondering what to say?

Talking points to consider:

Here are some suggestions but your story is your own so don’t be afraid to just tell is as you know it.

  • How you felt when you learned you were pregnant.

  • Did you become pregnant easily or does your story start with infertility and/or assisted reproduction?

  • How did your pregnancy go?

  • What was baby’s personality like while you were pregnant?

  • Did your healthcare team talk to you at all about risk factors and/or stillbirth?

  • Any complications?

  • Were you ever concerned? Did you raise those concerns with your care provider? If so, how did he/she respond?

  • How did your family & friends support your loss?

  • How do you and your partner support each other? Have there been challenges?

  • Do you have any special ways that you remember your baby?

  • If you have other children, how did they handle the news that their baby sister/brother had died?

  • How do you keep your baby as a special part of your family?

  • What do you want everyone to know about pregnancy & infant loss?

These are just a few suggestions – do not let them limit your story!


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